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If you’re self-conscious about your height and uncomfortable feeling like you’re too short, you should consider a stature-lengthening procedure. The team at Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, are leaders in the field of stature lengthening, with a reputation for being the best lengthening surgeons in the world. They’ve performed more surgeries than other stature-lengthening centers and published the greatest number of journal articles on today’s cutting-edge procedure. To schedule an appointment, call the office or use the online booking feature.

Stature Lengthening Q & A

What is stature lengthening?

Stature lengthening is a cosmetic procedure for patients who want to become taller. Most patients who choose this type of surgery don’t like their body image, perceiving themselves to be too short, regardless of their height.

You can consider yourself to be too short whether you’re 4 feet or 7 feet tall because perceptions vary from person to person. Height perceptions are also determined by national, racial, and cultural differences. For example, 5 feet 10 inches is tall in India, but it’s short in Holland.

Disliking your body because you see yourself as too short is called height dysphoria, or stature dysphoria, which is a body image disorder. Some patients considering stature lengthening may have body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). 

Patients with BDD can be good candidates for the procedure. However, BDD is a more serious psychological disorder in which you’re preoccupied with slight body defects and perform repetitive, compulsive behaviors due to your body image, so other strategies, including counseling, should be considered first.

Who is a good candidate for stature lengthening?

The team at Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute considers stature lengthening for anyone who is unhappy with their height. The process starts with an initial consultation to talk about your height concerns and whether you can realistically achieve your height goals with a stature lengthening procedure. If your doctor is worried that you may have BDD, they may also ask you to have a psychiatric evaluation before approving the surgery.

What method do orthopedic specialists use for stature lengthening?

The experienced doctors at Paley Institute use the most current, cutting-edge technology available: an implantable limb-lengthening device. The best device available today is the Precice STRYDE™ from NuVasive, which is currently the only limb-lengthening device approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The Precice STRYDE, called a telescopic intramedullary nail, is a tube-like device that’s implanted into the marrow cavity inside your femur or tibia. Once the device is in place, you use a hand-held remote controller to activate the internal gear system and gradually extend the device.

You follow a customized lengthening protocol designed to gradually lengthen the bone. The Precice STRYDE also has a safety feature that allows the device to go in reverse if needed.

After your surgery to implant the Precice STRYDE, you use crutches or a walker for 2-3 weeks. Once you pass a weight-bearing test, you can stop using crutches. However, you should still use a cane when walking up or downstairs or stepping on and off curbs.

How much height can I gain?

The maximum height you can gain by lengthening the femur is 8 centimeters or about 3 inches. To get the additional height, you can have a second surgery to implant the Precice STRYDE in your tibia, allowing you to gain another 5 centimeters or nearly 2 inches. 

It’s important to understand that not every patient achieves the maximum height. Your doctor at Paley Institute always puts your safety first, only lengthening to the tolerance of your bone and the surrounding soft tissues. They won’t risk the loss of function to gain even one more centimeter.

To learn if you’re a good candidate for stature lengthening, call Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute or schedule an appointment online.

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