Jayde's Story


When Jayde was a small child, I noticed that her feet turned slightly inwards as she walked and while
standing. I took her to her pediatrician, who in turn, referred her to an orthopedic specialist. Jayde was
diagnosed with Tibial Torsion. The doctor told me that the condition was benign and that “it would
correct itself” during puberty. While in high school in Germany, Jayde began having bilateral knee pains
that prevented her from engaging in sports activities. Daily life was painful. When she returned home,
Jayde’s pain was no longer isolated to her knees – it now extended to her hips. I took my daughter to a
local orthopedic doctor who ordered various imaging studies and recommended that Jayde undergo
physical therapy. Jayde also has scoliosis. Following months of physical therapy and increased pain in
both knees and hips, we met with the doctor. He was at a loss on how to proceed. He stated that he
did not know what else he could do for Jayde, and referred us to the Paley Institute. Being locals, we
had never heard of The Paley Institute, let alone of the remarkable work that doctors do here!

What a life changing effect being at the right place, with the right doctors makes! From the moment we
walked into The Paley Institute we knew that this was the place where my daughter would get the help
that she needed! Dr. Feldman is my daughter’s surgeon, and he is God sent! We absolutely love Dr.
Feldman! He is our hero! Dr. Feldman did everything that he was supposed to do on that first
appointment in 2017, but what impressed me the most, in addition to his charisma and empathy for his
patients, was that he was able to diagnose Jayde’s bilateral hip dysplasia and bilateral femoral
anteversion from watching her walk! How impressive is that!

Jayde underwent her first de-rotational femoral osteotomy of her right leg in April 2018, followed by the
hardware removal in October 2018. Jayde recently had the same corrective surgery on her left leg this
August 2019. She is undergoing intensive physical therapy. Dr. Feldman stated that Jayde’s legs are
now ‘perfectly aligned’, and that hopefully, further surgery to her hips will be unnecessary! What a
blessing! What a miracle! How amazing to be pain free and on the road to recovery! My daughter will
be able to go on walks on the beach again and go bicycle riding which she loved doing but was unable to
because of the pain that she felt! Everyday, delightfully ordinary life restored by extraordinary
individuals whose passion and noble mission in life is to help others! That is what Dr. Feldman does, and
that is what everyone who works at The Paley Institute do every single day! Doctors, Physical
Therapists, Nurses, Administrative Professionals, they all contribute in their specialty to the healing and
treatment of their patients who they treat as if we are family. And indeed, they do become an extended
family that we love, admire, and respect deeply. The level of care provided at The Paley Institute is
simply outstanding!

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