Adina - Romania


My name is Adina and I have MHE. I’m from Romania, but I live in California. My mom discovered a bump on my left hand when I was 5. It took her more than 1 year to find a doctor who diagnosed me. Since then I had 10 surgeries on my knees and arms (9 in Romania and this last one that I had at the Paley Institute).

My right hand started to hurt so I started to look around for doctors and I found about out the Paley Institute from a MHE Facebook Support Group and I got an appointment a couple of weeks after. Dr. Robbins looked at all my bumps, which was surprising and really nice. We decided to fix my hand deformity and remove my bumps. At the Paley Institute everything is focused on the patient and making things easy for them. I really liked this aspect because it makes the recovery process way easier.


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