Patient Cases

Case 78: Radial Club Hand

Two year-old boy with right radial club hand and absent thumb. We performed an Ulnarization procedure to correct his wrist and forearm deformities. Family elected not to undergo Pollicization for correction of absent thumb. At 7 year follow up patient demonstrates excellent range of motion of the wrist and elbow, as well as strong grip strength, with no recurrence of deformity.

Case 79: Bilateral Radial Club Hand & Absent Thumbs

Two year-old girl with bilateral radial club hand and absent thumbs. We performed bilateral Ulnarization surgery to correct radial club hand deformities. After removal of the external fixators, we performed pollicization surgery to reconstruct both thumbs. Pollicization surgeries were staggered. She now has a functional hand and forearm with no recurrence of deformity.

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