Patient Cases

Case 73: Post-Traumatic Growth Arrest

Sixteen year-old boy with post-traumatic growth arrest affecting his left leg. He presented with a limb length discrepancy and angular deformity of the femur. We corrected his leg with a limb lengthening using the PRECICE intramedullary nail, and then a varus closing wedge osteotomy of his distal femur. Patient now has no angular deformity and equalized limb length.

Case 74: Growth Arrest of Humerus

Young boy with growth arrest of his humerus secondary to neonatal sepsis. He presented with a limb length discrepancy of 6 cm and a varus extension deformity. We performed a valgus flexion osteotomy and limb lengthening of the humerus using external fixator. Patient now has no deformity and equalized limb lengths.

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