Case 29: Adult Untreated Congenital Femoral Deficiency

Patient is a 24 year-old woman with untreated congenital femoral deficiency. She has received no previous surgery and has a limb length discrepancy of 26 cm (10.5 inches). She has severe deformities of the hip and knee. She also suffers from pain and uses a prosthesis.

Patient has a severe hip deformity and a dislocated knee and knee cap.

We performed a combined SUPERhip and SUPERknee procedure in order to comprehensively address the hip and knee deformities, respectively. The SUPERhip and SUPERknee surgeries can be performed on a patient of any age.

One year follow up after the superhip. Patient shows excellent hip function and range of motion.

With the hip and knee deformities addressed, patient underwent first limb lengthening. Since she has a significant discrepancy (24 cm), we did a combined femoral and tibial lengthening with application of the modular rail system (MRS) external fixator.

Patient gained a total of 12.5 cm (5 inches), eliminating almost half of her limb length discrepancy. After the bones had consolidated, the external fixator was removed and rush rods inserted into the femur and tibia. Patient still has a limb length discrepancy of 13 cm and will undergo future lengthenings to correct it.

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