Case 27: Congenital Femoral Deficiency, Type 1B

Patient presents with congenital femoral deficiency, Type 1B on the right. He has a shortened femur, deficiencies of the hip and knee, and delayed ossification of the femoral head.



At two years of age patient underwent a combined SUPERhip and SUPERknee procedure to address the deformity and deficiency of the hip and ankle.

One year later, at the age of three, patient underwent limb lengthening  of the right femur with application of external fixator. External fixator across the knee joint in order to protect it during lengthening. Knee range of motion is possible with the external fixator.

One and two month follow ups during lengthening shows good regenerate bone.

Patient successfully gained 8 cm of length. His limb length discrepancy is only 3 cm after the lengthening. The external fixator remained during the consolidation phase.

Once the bone regenerate was sufficiently healed, the external fixator was removed and a rush rod inserted for additional support. Total fixation time was a little over 7 months.

Four years later, at the age of 7, patient returns for his second lengthening. His limb length discrepancy was 10 cm.

Patient underwent lengthening of his right femur with removal of rush rod and application of external fixator to his pelvis, femur, and tibia.

Two week, five week, and ten week follow ups show good bone regenerate.

After lengthening and consolidation had finished, we removed the external fixator and applied a rush rod to the right femur.

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