Patient Cases

Case 34: Adolescent Blount's Disease

Adolescent with Blount's disease with significant bowing of the right tibia. She also had a limb length discrepancy of 3 cm. We treated her with osteotomies to the tibia and femur with gradual correction simultaneous with limb lengthening with application of external fixator to the femur and tibia. We completely corrected her bow leg deformity and equalized her limb length discrepancy.

Case 54: Juvenile Blount's Disease

Young patient with juvenile Blount's disease with partial medial growth arrest and bowleg deformity. We corrected the depression of the medial tibial plateau with a hemi-plateau elevation osteotomy with internal fixation. Two year follow up shows excellent alignment of the lower extremities with no recurrent deformity.

Case 55: Adolescent Blount's Disease

Obese, fifteen year-old woman with adolescent Blount's disease and bilateral bowlegs, as well as tibial torsion and procurvatum. We performed bilateral deformity correction with osteotomy of the upper tibias and gradual realignment with application of external fixator. This corrected her deformities and restored a normal gait.

Case 82: Infantile Blount's Disease

Young girl with infantile Blount's disease, who presents with obvious bowlegged deformity. We performed bilateral hemi-epiphysiodesis to gradually correct the bowleg deformity via guided growth. As the patient aged, her legs straightened out, resulting in correction of the deformity.

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