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Medical Miracles on Oprah

"We're talking about medical miracles today. The advances here are astounding. There's even a new procedure that can actually make people taller, and save limbs that would otherwise have to be amputated."


The PBI Profile: Making Miracles

May 19, 2014 – Palm Beach Illustrated
By Scott Eyman

Liddy Anstoetter went to the bathroom and touched the fixtures on the sink.

This was not the automatic reflex most perform without thinking. For Liddy, it was planned, and it was thrilling. There was more: She could turn light switches on and off and hop in and out of bed without using a stool.

All this happened when Liddy was 13 years old. And it meant more would happen in her future: In a couple of years, she'd be able to drive.

Liddy is–was–a dwarf. She is 14 now and has spent years going through what the medical profession refers to as "bilateral humeral lengthening," aka limb lengthening.

It is a long, grueling, often painful process that entails lengthy hospital stays, but the results speak for themselves. Liddy traveled from her native Kansas City, Kansas to St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, where Dr. Dror Paley, the acknowledged American leader in the procedure, has a separate building devoted to his practice.

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Procedure Gives Patients the Gift of Height

Photo from CBS4 Miami


March 6, 2012 – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBS4) – Can you imagine growing six inches in just three months?

It’s possible, and it’s not a growth spurt. A new medical advancement that is lengthening people’s legs and it’s done right here in South Florida.

Two kinds of people get their limbs lengthened; one is often a child who suffers from some form of dwarfism. The other is a perfectly healthy able–bodied, average-sized individual getting a major surgery simply for cosmetic reasons.

Recovery for Kenny Zaidner is intense. Watching a session may make you feel uncomfortable but for this South Florida teenager, the pain is worth it.

At 14, this is Kenny’s second surgery to grow taller and correct a form of Dwarfism. After the first surgery two years ago, Zaidner grew 4 inches taller.

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How She's Grown

Photo by Rebecca Drobis, The Washington Post Magazine


November 30, 2008 – The Washington Post Magazine
By Caitlin Gibson

Born with dwarfism, Caitlin Schroeder faced the biggest decision of her young life: Was undergoing a painful and costly surgery worth five inches of height?

For Caitlin Shroeder, achieving near-average height would require no small act of courage.

For Caitlin, five inches means the ability to comfortably walk long distances and climb steps; to safely navigate a stovetop or keep pace with the other kids on the field. Five more inches, and she could reach the pedals of a car.

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