Patient Stories

One of the main goals for this website is to help patients and parents find comfort and empowerment in knowing that they are not alone and it's posible for their medical conditions to be overcome. We reached out to a few patients and their families and asked them to help us achieve this goal by sharing testimonials of their experiences with Drs. Paley and Feldman in their own words.

Anthony - Perthes Disease

I would travel around the world if needed to be treated by Dr Feldman. He has never discouraged me, always made me feel comfortable and always answered any questions or concerns my parents had. Most importantly, he made me feel special. He spoke with me, not to me or at me, truly showing I was more than a patient, he truly cared and wanted to provide the best care for me. There are several methods or beliefs doctors have for my condition, and Dr. Feldman always knew the best way to proceed for me.

Bernard - Perthes Disease

Over the past 2 ½ years, Dr. Feldman has built a professional relationship with my family that we have come to appreciate greatly. He has always given us excellent advice, and his work has enabled my son to return to all of his normal activities, including participating competitively in both baseball and football.

Angelica - Avascular Necrosis of the Hip

Maybe for us that moment had come. Dr. Paley was the 13th doctor we saw. We had accumulated enough experience and questions to know when we found ourselves in front of the right person. Dr. Paley offered us the reassurance and answers we were looking for—he was someone who would be creative in finding solutions for our daughter. Also, he was the only one who didn’t need to brainstorm with anyone else before getting back to us. He was straightforward: “I can fix her.”

David - Avascular Necrosis of the Hip

Dr. Feldman took the time to walk us through the process again and answered additional questions. His words were encouraging, caring and positive, and gave us hope that there was a chance my hip could be saved. He said it wasn’t going to be easy and at times I would beg him to take the ex-fix off, but if I was committed to going through with it, he would get me hiking again.

Emily - Hip Dysplasia

Dr. Feldman has been extremely motivational, patient and reassuring during the postoperative recovery period. I am now back to the gym doing the activities I love, walking around the campus at NYU, working and chasing my beautiful daughter. Not a single one of those things would currently be possible if it wasn’t for the amazing care that Dr. Feldman has provided. I am eternally grateful to him and his staff.

Nadine - Hip Dysplasia

I am grateful to Dr. Feldman, Ella and all of the members of their team who have supported me through this process. I am looking forward to staying active and not needing to undergo a future hip replacement due to the success of this procedure.

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