Innovative Research

Dr. Paley has dedicated almost 30 years to researching better treatment options for children and adults with complex orthopedic conditions. Dr. Paley has published over 100 articles in the peer-reviewed literature and has authored and edited five books and 45 book chapters.

Dr. Paley is the author of Principles of Deformity Correction (Springer Verlag, 2002). This 800-page textbook is an orthopedic bestseller and has set the standard for the understanding and treatment of limb deformities. It teaches the analysis, planning, and methods of deformity correction and is supplemented by the exercise book, Principles of Deformity Correction Exercise Workbook (Springer Verlag, 2003), which was awarded best illustrated medical textbook in 2003. 

Below is a partial list of some of Dr. Paley's publications. For a full list of his publications, please see his Full Curriculum Vitae


Limb Lengthening Papers


Bilateral Double Level Tibial Lengthening in Dwarfism

Chapter 53: Percutaneous Distraction Osteogenesis for Treatment of Brachymetatarsia

Correction of Limb Deformities in the 21st Century

Current Techniques of Limb Lengthening

Femoral Lengthening Over an Intramedullary Nail

Growth Patterns After Lengthening of Congenitally Short Lower Limbs in Young Children

Improvement in Gait Parameters After Lengthening for the Treatment of Limb Length Discrepancy

Leg Lengthening in Children

Lengthening of the Forearm by the Ilizarov Technique

Limb Lengthening by Implantable Limb Lengthening Devices

Limb Lengthening versus Amputation for Fibular Hemimelia

Nerve Lesions Associated with Limb Lengthening

PRECICE Intramedullary Limb Lengthening System

Preliminary Experience with Motorized Distraction for Tibial Lengthening

Problems, Obstacles, and Complications of Limb Lengthening by the Ilizarov Technique

Progress In and From Limb Lengthening

Prophylactic and Therapeutic Peroneal Nerve Decompression for Deformity Correction and Lengthening

The Adaptation of Perimuscular Connective Tissue during Distraction Osteogenesis

The Effect on Mechanical Axis Deviation of Femoral Lengthening with an Intramedullary Telescopic Nail

Tibial Lengthening - Extraarticular Calcaneotibial Screw to Prevent Ankle Equinus

Variables Affecting Time to Bone Healing during Limb Lengthening


Deformity Correction Papers


A Comparative Study of the Correction of Femoral Deformity between the Ilizarov Apparatus and Ortho-SUV Frame

Distraction Osteogenesis for Nonunion after High Tibial Osteotomy

History and Science Behind the Six-Axis Correction External Fixation Devices in Orthopaedic Surgery

Intra-Articular Osteotomies of the Hip, Knee, and Ankle

Lengthening and Deformity Correction in the Upper Extremities

Mechanical Axis Deviation of the Lower Limbs

Principles of Correction for Monocompartmental Arthritis of the Knee

Principles of Deformity Correction

Surgery for Residual Femoral Deformity in Adolescents

The Correction of Complex Foot Deformities using Ilizarov's Distraction Osteotomies

The Treatment of Femoral Head Deformity and Coxa Magna by the Ganz Femoral Head Reduction Osteotomy

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