Ashton offers love for girl with bilateral tibial hemimelia

Lulu Ramsey was born with bilateral tibial hemimelia.
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June 7, 2016 – Delaware County News Network
By Anne Neborak

The first thing you notice about Lulu Ramsey is her radiant smile. You don’t realize that this pint-size child who walks on her knees was born with a genetic defect that only happens to one in a million people.

Her oldest brother, Avery, 8, is her biggest fan. The Aston Elementary School student has inspired others to rally for Lulu. The school has sold T-shirts in Lulu’s favorite colors, pink and blue, and held a walkathon for Lulu on June 6.

“Lulu is great. She can dance, play soccer, swim and even ride a bike,” said Avery.

The bike is specially made to adapt to her disability and she can outride all her siblings — Logan, 6, Addie, 5, and even Avery. She has special kneepads from Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children to keep her knees safe from injury and infection when she is outside.

Lucy “Lulu” Ramsey, 5, was born with bilateral tibial hemimelia. She is missing both shinbones and her right knee cap, some lower bone structures and has only two toes on her right foot. She has a forked femur, which is the upper right leg bone, and her feet are twisted inward and up instead of down like normal feet.

Derek and Julie Ramsey adopted Lulu in August of 2015. Avery was there when she was adopted in China. The two bonded immediately, according to his mom and dad. They wanted to find a way to give Lulu a normal life without amputating her legs and chose not to operate right away.

The Ramseys also adopted Addie in 2013 from China when she was 23 months old. Addie was born with a club foot and Amniotic Band Syndrome that affects her fingers. Her condition is mild compared to Lulu’s.

Addie and Lulu have a deep connection because of their frailties.

“Addie believes that every time Lulu goes to see a doctor she will be walking on her feet,” said Julie.

On Aug. 9, Lulu will go to West Palm Beach, Fla., with Julie to see Dr. Dror Paley of the Paley Institute. Julie has to give up her job and will be with Lulu for months at the institute, where doctors will attempt life-changing surgery.

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